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What your energy company can learn from Powershop

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About this case study

Each year, a number of brands are nominated for the CHARGE Awards. These have all displayed exemplary branding activities and manage to be distinct in the eyes of the consumers of the rapidly changing energy sector.

Powershop stood out as the victor in the Challenger category - captivating the selecting panel with its modern approach to customer communication, clear segmentation and carefully orchestrated behavior across all consumer and stakeholder touch points.

What you learn
from this case study

What to have in mind when creating communication strategies with your customers in a time when they are more powerful than ever.

How to segment the market successfully and what processes and criteria and needed to do so.

The importance of differentiation and modern touch points with consumers to deliver customer delight.

The vitality of branding within the energy space and the opportunity to optimize your brand performance by learning from the best in the industry.

Powershop is a innovative, disruptive and incredibly well executed brand. The brand positions itself cohesively as the ‘industry rebel’ while authentically being aligned to being the consumers champion.



- CHARGE Awards Panel